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A range of useful links and resources to help you either in getting started or maintaining your interest in the hobby…

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Local Nets

Riverway Amateur Radio Society Club Net

Stafford and Districts Amateur Radio Society Club Net

Staffs Fusion Group Nightly Net

Local Amateur Radio Clubs

North Staffordshire RAYNET Group


RAYNET is the UKs national voluntary communications service provided for the community by licensed radio amateurs. The organisation was formed in 1953 following the East coast floods, when radio amateurs provided emergency communications. North Staffordshire RAYNET group covers the North Staffordshire area and are always looking for new licenced members. For more information and contact details, visit

Riverway Amateur Radio Society


Meets on the third Wednesday of every month in Rising Brook, Stafford. Visit for more information.

Stafford and Districts Amateur Radio Society (SADARS)


Meets every Wednesday night in Wildwood, Stafford. Regular events include a summer camp and several evenings operating from Cannock Chase. Visit for more information.

Stafford RAYNET Group


Staffordshire RAYNET group is one of the largest active groups in the UK. Like other RAYNET-UK groups, Stafford RAYNET supports local communities and emergency services with radio communications in times of crisis or in support of local community events. Visit for more information about the Stafford RAYNET group.

Wolverhampton Amateur Radio Society


One of the oldest continually running Amateur Radio clubs, Wolverhampton ARS in 2022 celebrates its centenary year. The club has an active membership and meets each Wednesday at The Royal British Legion in Wednesfield. For more information, visit

Local Repeaters


Stafford repeater on 2 metres. Visit for details on accessing this repeater. Visit the GB3SV page for further information about this repeater.


Stafford repeater on 70 centimetres. Visit for details on accessing this repeater. Visit the GB3ZI page for information about the GB3ZI repeater group.

UKFM Group (Western)

The UKFM Group (Western) is a repeater group that helps fund, run and maintain many amateur radio repeaters in Cheshire, Staffordshire, Merseyside, Lancashire and North Wales. Visit for more information. - Use the search function to find out about repeaters in your local area. Or click here for a list of all the repeaters in the midlands.


MB6IKS (76163) [FM/C4FM Wires-X Gateway]

MB6IML (78070) [FM/C4FM Wires-X Gateway]

MB6RU (31405) [FM/C4FM Wires-X Gateway]

MB6SR (78925) [FM/C4FM Wires-X Gateway]



A UK based Radio Amateur building antennas and making radio repairs. Visit Mike on YouTube. Videos include this great guide to building a Flowerpot antenna - a great low cost antenna for 2m. Again, highly recommended.

Motorhome & Ham Radio - M0XMX

A hobby based YouTube channel with Amateur Radio enthusiast, Mike Lewis. See Mike on YouTube. If you manage to make a QSO (contact) with Mike, then you may find yourself featured in one of his videos! Highly recommended.

How Do I Get Started in Amateur Radio?

Anyone can buy a transceiver and start listening to Amateur Radio broadcasts.

To transmit on any of the Amateur Radio frequencies, you will need to obtain your foundation Amateur Radio license. This means learning some material and taking a test.

The good news is that the material is relatively easy to learn.

Click here for more information and useful links.

Other Resources

Staffs Amateur Radio Facebook Group

Staffs Amateur Radio Facebook group is intended to promote sense of community and activity amongst local radio amateurs, in and around Staffordshire UK.

Logbook of The World (LoTW)

Logbook of The World is a web-based logbook for recording QSOs (contacts) provided by the Americal Radio Relay League (ARRL). Amateurs using LoTW can verify contacts with their QSOing partner. Verified LoTW entries are required to claim credit for some Amateur Radio operating awards. Visit for more information.

QRZ is the amateur radio Q code for “who called me?”. is a directory site for radio amateurs where you can look up call signs. If you have a call sign, you can sign up, fill out your profile and even record your QSOs (contacts) in the logbook. The website also features news, forums for discussion, and a range of other resources. Please note that some features require a subscription.

Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB)

The Radio Society of Great Britain is the UK’s national society for Amateur Radio. The RSGB engages with the Inartnational Amateur Radio Union, HM Government and Ofcom on behalf of Radio Amateurs. It also produces a monthly magazine, RadCom, and takes responsibility for Amateur Radio license examinations. The RSGB website features information for people who want to get started in the hobby, as well as the band plans advising how the frequencies licensed for Amateur Radio use should be used. For more information, visit

RSGB Region 5 News

The Radio Society of Great Britain has teams covering each region. Region 5 is the West Midlands. Click here for the latest Region 5 news.