News: Upcoming 2m event: 145 ALIVE - April 29th news graphic

G5TM’s 145 ALIVE 2m event is back it is shaping up to be better than ever!

This Saturday’s event (2023-04-29) takes place between 13:00 and 15:00 BST. Radio Amateurs will be setting up stations in high places up and down the UK ready for other amateurs to call in and help ’light-up’ the 2m band.

This time around there are more hill top stations taking part in the event than ever before. Last time over 300 stations took part.

At the time of writing, the following control stations are taking part:

Frequency (MHz) Location Operators
145.550 North East Scotland MM0EFI (Fraser)
Kent M0VRI (Jonathan) & M7ELM (Emily)
South-East Wales 2W1BUF (Greg), MW7BUF (Tom), GW0HKU (Rob) & MW0KKR (Tom)
145.475 Cornwall (Launceston) G8ROC (Club station)
145.450 North-East England M0EVK (Graeme), G4TIR (Keith) & G8KPD (Brian)
Dorset G5STU (Stuart)
145.425 Wiltshire 2E0WHQ (Dom)
Ayrshire GM3STM (Scott)
145.400 West Midlands G6AD (Adrian) & M0NTC (GEZ)
145.375 North Wales MW0NWM (Simon)
Cambridgeshire M0MML (Tim) & M0JUV (Derek)
145.350 Buckinghamshire M0TPT (Dave)
145.325 Scottish Borders MM0JNL (George)
West Sussex G5TM (Tim)
145.300 Lancashire 2E0DGP (Phil) & 2E0OTG (Steve)
East Sussex M0ABT (Stuart)
145.275 Northern Peak District M0RSF (Chris)

Each of these control stations will refer the calling stations to each other in order to generate as many QSOs as possible.

The control stations will all be using Frequency Modulation (FM) and vertical polarisation. Amateurs in many places in the UK will hopefully be able to reach many of the above listed stations.

For more information, watch Tim’s YouTube video here.

Edit [20240428]: Additional stations and frequency changes