News: French to use 2m and 70cm amateur bands for PMR during 2024 Olympics news graphic

This story was picked up from Southgate ARS.

The Franch National Frequency Agency (ANFR) is requisitioning1 the 2m and 70cm bands for PMR voice communications during the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The requisition also applies to the part of the 23cm band (1240 - 1260 MHz) and 12cm band (2300 - 2483.5 MHz).

The 2024 Summer Olympics are scheduled to take place between July 26th and August 11th. The 2024 Summer Paralympics will run from 28th August to 8th September.

The ANFR have stated the frequencies will be made available to the Organising Committee of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games a month before the official opening ceremony. The ANFR are expecting Radio Amateurs to moderate their use of these bands in the vicinity of the Olympic sites, from June 26th to September 15th.

That is a total of 82 days. The concern of this author is that many Radio Amateurs, the 2m particularly represents the majority of the social contact they enjoy, particularly where their mobility is restricted.

Let us hope that other countries to not follow suit.

  1. This linked article is in French. An English transation is available as part of the original Southgate ARC news story. See the Southgate Amateur Radio Society’s news website↩︎